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Computer use and visual stress

In this day and age, people stare at computer screens from a close distance more than ever before at school, work and home. The viewing distances and angles used for computer work are typically different from other reading or writing tasks, placing additional demands on the visual system. Sustained computer use can cause visual stress, blurred vision, eye strain, headaches, and even vision-induced stomachaches. Work that is visually tiring can lower productivity, increase errors and reduce job satisfaction, so it’s important to correct these issues.

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Vision Therapy isn’t just for kids!

We talk a lot about Vision Therapy for kids because of its obvious ability to improve their learning and schoolwork. It is also because it is so important to discover problems and correct them as early as possible. However, that does not mean adults cannot gain the same benefits from this therapy. If an adult’s vision problems were not caught early than they would still exist into adulthood, and occasionally symptoms that were once manageable become more problematic.

Vision Therapy can even be more effective for adults in some cases because they are typically more motivated to improve their visual abilities, whereas children may not understand that they have a problem or how that problem may affect them.

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